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"Julie is a brilliant and dedicated teacher, who gets to know her students and helps them learn in the way that suits them best.  I've been very impressed by how well her students understand the material, not to mention their capacity to do problems."

Shmuel Weinberger,

Andrew MacLeish Distinguished Service Professor of Mathematics

University of Chicago

"Julie’s success as a teacher stems from her knowledge of math, her communication and organizational skills, and her loving and patient manner with each student. Julie systematically introduces new and sometimes difficult concepts in a very clear and orderly manner, giving each student ample time to digest and work with the new material. Julie understands the different learning styles of each student and adapts each lesson accordingly to ensure the success of each student."

M. Gilbert, Parent, Special Education Instructor

"You laughed at my jokes more than most people would. I think that you are the reason I like math more than any other subject, because you always made it fun."

 Jack, student

"Julie makes every meeting interesting, and is so helpful. She is not just a tutor to me, but she also cares about me. When I need help and I am busy, I just text her, and even through she has a million other students, she always makes time to meet with me. When Julie helps me, we don't just do the problems together, but she also makes sure I understand the topic that I was struggling with. I would highly recommend Julie as a tutor!"

Daria, Student

"I have one kid who loves math and one who struggles. Julie has been the perfect fit for both for the last 8 years. Her patience and humor endear her to her students and she has made a positive impact on both our kids that goes beyond math. Julie is an empathetic and kind person; she is a joy to be around. It’s no wonder my kids love her even the one who “hates” math."

Melissa Rosalie, Parent


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