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About Me


Curricular Expertise:

  • Mid-elementary through high school mathematics

  • Problem-Solving / Math Olympiad

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra I and II / Trigonometry

  • Geometry

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Calculus

Test Preparation:

  • PSAT / SAT

  • PreACT / ACT

  • High School Entrance Exams

  • Algebra Exit Exams

  • Pre-Calculus AP

  • Calculus AP AB

  • Calculus AP BC

Background & Experience:  

I'm an Illinois licensed math teacher with a Masters in Education and 15 years of experience as a private mathematics teacher and tutor. I bring a unique perspective to math instruction, having managed data modeling projects for over a decade before pursuing my passion for teaching. I have both classroom teaching and homeschooling experience, as well as extensive experience in customizing curriculum.


Teaching Philosophy:

I tailor my teaching method to the unique strengths, challenges, and academic levels of each student, prioritizing the cultivation of not just mathematical proficiency, but also self-esteem and essential life skills. Embracing a growth mindset over fixed notions of "mathematical aptitude," I emphasize problem-solving as a cornerstone of mathematical learning.

Mode of Instruction:

I offer online sessions via Zoom or in-person sessions at my home in Evanston, IL. The majority of my students find online sessions effective and convenient; I utilize interactive tools such as shared whiteboards to facilitate effective one-to-one learning experiences. 


Accessibility and Connectivity:

I invest additional time outside of sessions in planning, preparing and reviewing student work, and providing "on call" support to students between sessions at no extra charge. Written summaries of each session are provided to keep parents fully informed, ensuring transparency and progress tracking.


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